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hobby 业余爱好

teach 教

jasmine 茉莉

idea 想法;主意

dancing 跳舞

singing 唱(歌)

reading stories 读故事

playing football踢足球

doing kung fu 练功夫


pen pal 笔友

reading stories 读故事

on a farm 在一个农场上

doing kung fu 练功夫

jasmine flowers 茉莉花

best friend 最好的朋友

flying kites 放风筝

singing English songs 唱英文歌


That’s interesting! 那很有趣。

Really? 真的吗?

Me too! 我也是!

Good idea! 好主意!


( A )1.A、hobby B、dancing C、painting

( C )2.A、banana B、strawberry C、fruit

( B )3.A、football B、story C、baseball

( B )4.A、violin B、dictionary C、piano

( A )5.A、either B、also C、too

( A )6.A、I B、he C、she

( C )7.A、play B、read C、listening


( A )1.A、breakfast B、teach C、mean

( C )2.A、science B、idea C、live

( B )3.A、dancing B、battle C、aunt

( B )4.A、very B、puppet C、eleven

( A )5.A、late B、rabbit C、badminton

( A )6.A、classroom B、afternoon C、choose

( C )7.A、hear B、dear C、bear


1、 He also likes singing.

2、 I’m going to teach him the Chinese song “Jasmine Flower”.

3、 What does your grandfather like?

4、 My father teaches me to make kites.

5、— What are Peter’s hobbies?

— He likes reading stories.


1、Please teach B a new song.


2、— A

A、What are your bobbies?

3、I teach my little sister C picture every day.

C、to draw

4、It’s Teachers’Day. I am going to C my teacher flowers.


5、I like A with my friends.

A、listening to music






Sydney 悉尼 message 信息

amazing 令人惊奇的 chat 聊天

subject 科目 studies (study的第三人称单数)学习

puzzle 谜 hiking 远足

table 表格 partner 伙伴

shall 表示征求意见 goal 射门

join 加入 club 俱乐部

different 不同的 ad 广告

notice board 布告牌 share 分享

Canberra 堪培拉


Write an email to 给……写一封电子邮件 live in 居住在……

do word puzzles 猜字谜 go hiking 去远足

be interested in 对……感兴趣 dance class 舞蹈课

football club 足球俱乐部 science club 科学俱乐部

science room 科学室 make robots 制造机器人

dining hall 餐厅


Really? 真的吗? Cool! 酷!

Amazing! 太令人惊奇了! Why not? 为什么不呢?


( A )1.A、Sydney B、Beijing C、Guangdong

( C )2.A、amazing B、interesting C、excited

( B )3.A、math B、subject C、science

( B )4.A、makes B、books C、studies

( A )5.A、hiking B、jumping C、listening

( C )6.A、different B、same C、club

( C )7.A、partner B、classmate C、teacher


( B )1.A、amazing B、plane C、banana

( A )2.A、push B、subject C、club

( A )3.A、children B、dinning C、quiet

( B )4.A、blanket B、maybe C、these

( C )5.A、watch B、watermelon C、wallet

( A )6.A、chat B、taste C、late

( A )7.A、football B、moon C、broom


1、我正在给我澳大利亚的新笔友写一封电子邮件。 I’m writing an email to my new pen pal in Australia.

2、太令人惊奇了! Amazing!

3、我对澳大利亚很感兴趣…… I’m very interesting in Australia…

4、我们跳舞,好吗? Shall we dance?

5、加入我们足球俱乐部吧! Join our football club!

6、我们可以分享! We can share!

7、— Does he live in Sydney? (他住在悉尼吗?)

— No, he doesn’t. (不,他不住在悉尼。)

8、— Does he like doing word puzzles and going hiking?(他喜欢玩猜字谜和远足吗?)

— Yes, he does. (是的,他喜欢。)


1、Zhangpeng is writing an A to his new friend.

A、email B、wordC、letter

2、Can you share food A your classmates?

A、with B、to C、in

3、 B his parents live in Shanghai?

A、Does B、Do C、Are

4、She is A at his words.

A、amazed B、amazing C、amaze

5、We shall A tomorrow.

A、come B、comes C、coming






squirrel 松鼠 king 国王

sang 歌唱(sing的过去式) was 是(am , is的过去式)

shouted 呼,喊(shout的过去式) threw 扔(throw 的过去式)

got 得到(get的过去式) looked 看(look的过去式)

bushy (毛发或毛皮)浓密的 did 做(do的过去式)

were 是(are的过去式) true 真实的


in a forest 在森林里 every day 每天

Monkey King 猴王 in front of 在……前面

Read books 读书 throw out of 从……扔出去

from that day on 从那天起 go away 走开


( B )1.A、squirrel B、animal C、tiger

( C )2.A、sang B、wrote C、drink

( C )3.A、true B、bushy C、often

( C )4.A、reading B、looking C、building

( B )5.A、was B、am C、were

( B )6.A、king B、country C、queen

( A )7.A、color B、blue C、black


( B )1.A、shout B、ours C、blouse

( C )2.A、did B、chicken C、minus

( B )3.A、juice B、bushy C、ruler

( A )4.A、notice B、clock C、job

( B )5.A、room B、look C、tooth

( A )6.A、pear B、earphones C、ear

( A )7.A、low B、flower C、town


1、I like playing ping-pong. I can A the ping-pong club.

A、join B、joins C、join in

2、I A study hard at English.

A、shall B、am C、be

3、He is interested in B English.

A、learn B、learning C、learned

4. Don’t write to C

A、he B、she C、me







一、1. C 2. B 3. A4. B5. B

二、1. B2. C3. B4. A 5. A

三、1. singing2. studies3. hiking4. Do 5. puzzle


4.for(to) 5.Do(Does)

五、1.I am very interested in Australia. (我对澳大利亚很感兴趣。)

2.Join our football club! (加入我们足球俱乐部吧!)

3.I am writing an email to my new pen pal in Australia. (我正在给我澳大利亚的新笔友写一封电子邮件。)

4.Does he like doing word puzzles and going hiking? (他喜欢猜字谜和远足吗?)

5.Does he live in Sydney? (他住在悉尼吗?)

六、1. writing an email 2.going word puzzles4.playing football5. does kung fu

七、1. B 

2. B 

3. A

4. A 

5. C

6. B 

7. C 

8. C 

9. C 

10. C

八、1. B 2. A 3. C 4. E 5. D

九、1. C 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. A


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